IBM® Security Trusteer® Apex Advanced Malware Protection

IBM Security Trusteer Apex protects employees’ endpoints, managed and unmanaged, against advanced malware by stopping zero-day exploits and data exfiltration. Trusteer Apex prevents endpoint compromise and blocks key-logging, screen capturing and application tampering, protecting credentials and sensitive data from theft by cybercriminals.

IBM Security Trusteer Apex Advanced Malware Protection software offers a new threat prevention approach that provides unparalleled protection against spear phishing, credentials theft and advanced information-stealing malware. By monitoring how and when corporate credentials are used, and automatically preventing exposure, Trusteer Apex software helps companies protect their corporate credentials as the threat landscape evolves. Unlike other approaches designed only to block malware, Trusteer Apex software helps prevent advanced malware and advanced persistent threats from compromising user endpoints and includes special protections that help prevent corporate credentials theft and exposure.


Credential protection

Exploit chain disruption

Advanced malware detection and prevention

Lockdown for Java

Malicious communication blocking

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