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ICT Penetration Test

The vulnerability of the infrastructure (network and systems) can be properly tested by means of an ICT penetration test. You gain insight and can take measures to prevent worse.

External Netwerk Penetration Test

ICT Penetratie Test secwatch

In a Network Penetration test, an attempt will be made from outside to penetrate the network and gain access to vital server systems. It will be tested for open ports, leaks and configuration errors.

Internal Systems Test

A System test is a check of the systems for security measures, including the use of redundant services and insufficient access protection, for which a checklist is used containing vital components such as the physical infrastructure, Services, Software, BIOS, Operating System, etc.

Lead time

The time required to perform a network penetration test and / or a system test depends on the complexity and size of the network. The test will consist of preliminary work, testing the infrastructure and creating and delivering the report.

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