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In the news because your website has been hacked?

75% of the websites are not safe!

Is your data safe?

Security Advise & Management

Security Advise

Penetration testing, vulnerability analyzes, monitoring tools
Do you want to know how vulnerable you are, where the risks lie and how you can remedy them? Security advice with a number of pragmatic steps you will gain insight and overview and you will know which security measures you need to take.

Your own Security Officer

Your company is growing, you want to innovate, you want to market new services. There is a good chance that ICT will play an important role in this.

security advise expert interim manager

Your ICT manager grows with you. But what about the policy and the organization of your IT security (ISO 27001, NEN7510, NIS1, NIS2), how secure are your network and systems, are the security systems properly deployed and how and who checks this?

Training, Presentations & Workshops

Our independent training institute focuses on the behavior, motivation and attitude of your employees, Secure by Behavior. Employees who handle business information and IT resources insecurely make your organization vulnerable. Confidential data is all too easily exposed – resulting in dissatisfied customers and reputation damage. Make your employees aware and keep them alert …

Privacy Administration Office

Administration, risk analysis & compliance.

All our services in relation to European privacy legislation (AVG / GDPR). From setting up your mandatory privacy administration, a legal and technical review of your processing, to setting up your privacy management. Comply with the law …